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Having designed, possibly, the fastest and most exciting crash game, allowing you to get good winnings, the creators cared about the demonstration mode as well. Thanks to this feature, you can experience the demo version of Aviator game and train yourself before making actual bids.

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Aviator Game Demo Mode: Learn to Play

The demo version of the game “Aviator” isn’t any different. In this mode you have an excellent possibility to familiarize yourself with the game features and test different types of win strategies, allowing you to implement them effectively in the actual game.

You can now play this demo version at any Indian online casino that has Aviator in its gaming catalog. The demo version of Aviator game can also be played on the official website of the developer company Spribe https://spribe.co/games/aviator.


Free Aviator Game: Basic Features

  • Let’s start flying!
  • Before your eyes you will find the airplane control panel of the free slot game “Aviator”. The airplane and quickly changing multiplier figures are located on the very right part of your display.
  • At the top of the panel you will see the multiplier drop stats for the past twenty game rounds. Also above you will find information about game money available on your account.
  • Under the airplane you have two bet buttons and multiple management functions. You can use them to customize the bets to your liking, for instance, making them auto. Also you can configure auto withdrawals at a particular multiplier value. It is possible to mix these two features.
  • The statistics are located on the left side of the page. This is where you can view all the stakes that players have placed over a number of rounds, plus their prizes and their multipliers. Alternatively, it is possible to toggle the menu to either your stakes or to the major winners list.


In real-time mode you can also access the in-game chat function with other players, which is not available in the demo version.

You may think that you are in control of the airplane, but you are not, because your luck or random number generator is actually in charge of the jet.


The Distinction Between Demo Mode and Gaming at an Online Casino in Aviator Fast Game

The basic distinction between Aviator demo mode and the actual game is the fact that you do not have the ability to bet real money. Besides, the demo mode is missing some functions of the main game, for example, the in-game live chat.


Aviator Game Free Download for Phone or PC

Because the Spribe developers didn’t make a mobile app for Aviator slot, some external developers have done one. You can pick and load up any free Aviator slot app for Android, Mac/iOS or Windows. But all these apps will not make it possible to gamble for cash and are designed for practice only.



In summary, it can be said that one of the finest ways to practice the Aviator slot game is the demo mode of this game. When you use it, you are guaranteed that it will have the identical layout as the actual slot. Therefore, when you may sense that you are ready to play for real money and navigate to the homepage of Aviator, there will be no hesitation.



? Is Aviator Legal in India?

Indeed. The producer of the game, Spribe, has the appropriate license from the UK Gambling Commission. Moreover, the Aviator fast game is programmed as Provably Fair. Meaning that all outcomes of this game are generated by RNG and nobody can have an effect on the game’s results. If you are planning to gamble Aviator for some money, then you should pick an online casino with a strong rating and a proper licence.


? Is it Possible to Earn Money Playing Aviator Demo Game?

No, sadly, you don’t. Playing in demo mode is intended for practicing and forming a strategy that can be applied to real money gaming. For this purpose, you should be registered at a verified online casino, that has the Aviator game in its collection.


? Can I download the Aviator Game app free of charge from the manufacturer’s website?

Sadly, Spribe do not provide that option. But, there are numerous free downloadable third-party apps for this particular video slot. You may select any one of those applications that most closely matches your demands.


? Is There Demo Version for Aviator Slot Game?

Yes, Aviator has the option to play its demo mode.

  • The Aviator demo is accessible at no charge.
  • It offers a limited, and yet feature-rich gaming experience to the players .
  • You can access the Aviator demo game by visiting the official Aviator website.