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Aviator is a free-to-play multi-play minigame released by creative eGambling software provider Spribe at the beginning of 2019. Aviator was released in two versions as a paid and demo version and instantly earned huge success from the audience of online casinos, including Indian players, thanks to its easy-to-play design and fast-paced gameplay. Furthermore, the claimed RTP of this slot is higher than usual with 97%, while the game’s honesty is based on the performance of the random number generator.

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Next in this entry, we’ll look at a number of Spribe’s Aviator gambling strategies to successfully gamble and earn real money in Aviator slot.


Aviator Winning Strategy

The strategy and tactics of the Aviator video slot are a variety of different techniques that you can apply to increase your winnings.

These guidelines cannot ensure a win, but they do assist players to strategically handle their stakes and max out their earnings as they play Aviator for money.

You will learn about those tactics in which the main thing is to get regular low winnings, as well as more risky variations aimed at big payments.


Aviator Game Prediction

aviator predictor

Based on a complex high win formula, Aviator slot is built around a random number generator (RNG).


Such a setup produces non-predictable results, giving the outcome of any round a complete independency from the earlier results.


What the RNG brings is an element of randomization and gambling, as bettors are never able to guess when an airplane will go down or how long it will stay up.


The game utilizes Provably Fair technology to keep the game transparent and trustworthy. Using this state-of-the-art cryptographic technology, players can instantly and objectively review the accuracy of the outcomes of each round when playing for actual cash.



Aviator’s most successful strategies

The first thing you should be aware that there is absolutely no strategy that allows you to succeed in the game “Aviator” with absolute perfomance. In any variation of the game strategy slot Aviator losses are possible. Still, with the reasonable use of each of these strategies you can be successful. Here’s a more detailed review of the methods of the game, which allows you to receive large winnings.


Single Bet Strategies

The following are some strategies for solo betting that you can choose according to your individual personality and level of experience.


Minimal risk. This playing type is great for careful and conservative gamblers. It also works well for players who have made the decision to gamble for real money. This chapter contains the following strategies as:


Automatic Bets Mode. Auto bets is an excellent choice for new players. In case you don’t feel quite positive about your skills, the automaton will make all the bets for you.


There are two kinds of these bets:


  1. Auto Bet. To start this feature you have to enter the menu “Auto” on the “Bet” bar and there select the required value. The specified sum will be automatically placed each round. Then you only need to focus on the game and timely press the “Cashout” button.
  2. Auto Cashout. It is one more automated function in the game which pays out money according to preselected multipliers. All that remains now is to keep waiting and pray that the airplane doesn’t leave before it hits the cashout spot. This feature can be chosen in the same spot as Auto Bet, specifically in the “Auto” section of the “Bet” bar.


1.5x Strategy. This betting method means that you make a little bet on 1.5x odds. You won’t become very rich quickly with this strategy, but it guarantees a 50% profit with a quite moderate amount of risk.


Moderate risk. This level of risk includes:

  • Double Up Strategy. During this strategy you may bet any sum of money on one bet. However, it is recommended that you have enough money available. Also, you will need to review the previous stats and make a stake if you believe that the airplane will not leave before it reaches the x2 multiplier value. You always need to follow the instructions of this strategy and bet only at this multiplier. Doing so will generate a margin of 100% and still be within the average risk range.
  • High risk. This tactic is designed for calm players who know when to wait. It consists in the fact that you know that approximately every hour or 1.5 hours a multiplier x100 appears. Once you’ve got this multiplier, you record the time and begin betting with the expectation that you will catch that value. While this strategy is extremely dangerous, it provides you with a great opportunity to get a big payout in this game.


Multi Bet Strategies

Strategy 2:1. It is believed to be among the most effective strategies for learning slot machine Aviator. According to it you should always place two bets and the second bet should be doubled. For instance, if you made first bet in the amount of $5, then the second bet you have to make should be in the amount of $10. The objective of this strategy is that the bigger stake should cover the small bet. The smaller bet is supposed to make the entire payoff, suggesting that there is no risk involved.


When the multiplier hits x1.5, you have to cash out the big stake and receive $30, that will pay off the sum of your bets and make you zero if the second stake unexpectedly fails. If you reach a x5 multiplier on the second stake, your earnings will reach $80 and your clear earnings will total $50.


Strategy 1.5x+2x.  We place the first stake with a bigger bet, such as $10 at odds of 1.5. In this case you should use the automatic bet and the automatic cashout to concentrate on the second stake. The second stake you place by hand with a x2 multiplier of $5. It is essential to examine the stats before you place your bet, and to bet after having six consecutive multipliers smaller than x2. You should also watch the game closely and quit making bets when the airplane hits a x10. The procedure can then be repeated after some time, after reviewing the stats.


How to Win at the Aviator Game: The World’s Best Bets Systems

According to your personality, talent and belief in winning, you can select the optimal strategy for winning in Aviator from the suggestions above.


Martingale Strategy

It is a very widespread strategy used by casino gamblers. It is a modified version of it for the Aviator game:


  • Research stats, for instance, 100 completed rounds;
  • Select the highest multiplier at which the airplane continued to fly 50% of the time;
  • Place a bet. The stake should be low, or in case of prolonged losing streaks, the money in your gambling account will soon be depleted. For this reason, if you do not have a lot of money is preferable to begin with bets in the amount of 25 or 50 cents;
  • Expect the airplane to reach the targeted multiplier;
  • Proceed with a pattern of redoubling if you fail;
  • Once you win, go back to your starting bet.


It’s a fairly low-speed but rewarding progression.


d’Alembert System

Another technique to succeed in the Aviator airplane slot is the d’Alembert strategy. This strategy is inspired by the philosophy of the well-known French philosopher Jean Leron d’Alembert.


Based on his hypothesis, every failure, in accordance with the theory of relativity, increases the probability of winning. In other words, with each loss the probability that the following stake will be successful grows.


The idea behind the d’Alembert strategy is to raise your stake when you lose and reduce it when you benefit.


Labouchère System

The Laboucher strategy, otherwise known as the undo strategy or fractional Martingale, is based on playing to win up to a specified value.


First determine how much money you are going to earn before you place a bet. Then split it into smaller amounts depending how you like it. After that, sum up the first and the second sum and place a bet on one single round of Aviator.


If your bet wins, you remove it from your system, and if it loses, you are adding that sum to the end of your list.


Fibonacci System

This is a reverse progression system, similar to the Martingale system. It involves raising your bet each time you fail.


In this case, the increase follows this pattern: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89 и 144. Essentially, the sum of your two earlier stakes is the same as the sum of your new bet in case of failure. When you succeed, your bet is placed backwards by two places.


Paroli System

The use of this method is simply to redouble the bet after each defeat and to keep the bet sum after a victory.


For three consistent failures, return to the original sum.


This pattern of positive advancement assists in holding losses in check, which makes it perfect avoiding  risk.


Anti Martingale

This method is the opposite of the Martingale strategy for the Aviator crash slot.


In this case, the bet amount is halved after a losing bet and doubled once you have won.


Spribe Aviator Game Tips for New Players

Aviator is a very straightforward game with extremely easy rules. A newbie, nevertheless, may be interested to know if there are plenty of hints and tricks to increase the chances of winning. Although there is no reliable technique that allows you to get huge multipliers every time you play, there are several things that might be helpful to gamers while playing this game.


Among them are:


1.Demo Of The Aviator Game

In the best online gambling portals you will find the demo versions, in which newcomers are allowed to taste the game not putting real money at risk and there you can understand the specifics of the game.


In fact, you can even find portals such as 1Win Aviator that allow you to experience these types of games without the necessity of registration.


The demo version allows you to test different methods, study the gameplay mechanisms and perfect your game strategy before proceeding to real betting.


2.Small Bets And Odds History

For those who are new to this game, one of the best systems for playing Aviator is to begin the game with low bets.


This prevents you from losing money quickly and allowing you to gamble for a more prolonged amount of time.


Keep in mind that following the odds history assists you in seeing patterns and making more balanced betting choices. This function can be found in the tab in the menu bar.


3.Check Other Players

Monitoring the skills of other gamers may give you precious knowledge.


You are getting insights about win techniques and determining the finest moments to profit from.


Additionally, you can use the game’s live chat function to chat with other players and benefit from their experience.


4.Make Sure Your Internet Connection is Good

Having a solid and consistent online network is essential for a smooth performance and it can make all the difference to your game victory.


An unexpected disconnect would break gaming and result in wasted time.


Make sure that a reliable connection is available for trouble-free performance.


How is it Possible to Win in the Game “Aviator”: Tips From Experienced Players

An experienced gambler will also have no trouble winning cash in Aviator.


These are the means by which you can increase your luck:


  • Live Statistics and Live Bets

With real-time stats and betting tables, you are able to learn from other bettors.

Through this, you can find out how much these players bet, when they withdrew and how much they won.

Using such data, you can develop a more effective attitude that will help you max out your betting.


  • Keep Volatility Low

Withdrawing at a time of low volatility is definitely among the best options to maximize your gains in a few rounds.

While you won’t be able to make a huge profit, you will receive continuous little winnings that will eventually become something major.

We suggest withdrawing when the multiplier value ranges from 1.5 to 1.8.


  • Best Time to Play Aviator

A number of online players claim that it is most profitable to play during the evening hours, around 5pm.

This is wrong, as your probabilities of winning do not rely on the clock.

Actually, there isn’t an optimal time for playing the game. You should simply follow the proper strategy to maximize the benefits of your bets.


  • Avoid Game Patterns

Sometimes players try to learn the regularities and, using them, attempt to forecast the results of a future round.

But the mechanism of Aviator slot is powered by a random number generator, that is why nobody is capable of predicting the following round.


  • High RTP Not Always Usefull

The return rate is a performance stat that determines the value you are probably going to earn in a long term game.

It is 97% for Aviator online slot, a relatively high percentage.

However, a large return rate is not beneficial for earning winnings throughout gaming sessions.


  • Aviator Tips and Tricks PDF

If you want more details about this creative casino slot, you can read our Aviator Advice and Strategy PDF.

In it, we have explained the working principle of this game in detail and in depth as well as talked about the best websites hosting it.


Casinos Tricks

Some online portals provide various Aviator game tips and recommendations to participate in specific online gambling establishments.

Some of them are as follows:


Mostbet Aviator Tricks To Win

Some Mostbet APK platforms are there, which provide Aviator players with promising winning scenarios to get the most out of their winnings.


You can conveniently purchase these apps directly from app stores or from the publisher’s site either.


These simple apps are available for both Android and iOS compatible hardware. They offer customized Aviator tactics designed specifically for Mostbet members.



1Win Aviator Tricks 

YouTube channels such as Betting Master feature help and tips for 1Win Aviator. Basically, these are forecasts of when an airplane is probably going to leave your display in certain rounds.



Pin Up Aviator Tricks

Both websites and online platforms for social media also provide Pin Up Aviator tips. A number of them are also offered as downloadable apps that are designed to fit small displays.



Although these forecasts may assist you to beat the Aviator, these predictions are not universally correct. The reason for this is that the result of each bet round is totally autonomous, independent of the preceding multipliers. Therefore, you cannot correctly determine the correct multiplier to win at all times.


Is Spribe Aviator Prognosis Workable?

Forecasting the outcome of Spribe’s Aviator game is a very debatable topic. Several online sources suggest that you use an Aviator game predictor bot or similar prediction app that is claimed to help you win a plenty. Nevertheless, we think this is a questionable proposition. Anyway, we reserve this decision to you.


Should the Aviator game signals be guided?

Recently, numerous videos, mobile apps and other resources have appeared that supposedly help you play Aviator. They believe that while playing, there are some signals that can be oriented on. But all kinds of prognoses and game signals do not represent a 100% guarantee and cannot provide any winning assurance. That is why, as in the case with forecasts, the verdict is up to you.



Very demanded video slot “Aviator” boasts excellent gameplay dynamics, keeps players well entertained and lets you win a pretty big sum. In order to achieve this, you need to thoroughly study all the recommendations and tricks of the Spribe slot.  As an option, you can develop your personal strategy or use the suggested methods of successful play in Aviator. A combined approach to the research of the matter will maximize your performance.



? How To Win in the Aviator Videoslot?

In order for you to consistently benefit from Aviator slot, you can use one of the strategies explained in this article. According to your character and experience, you may pick the stable One Bet strategy or the more adventurous Multi Bet one. Alternatively, you can use a Martingale, d’Alembert strategy or figure out on your own how to win at Aviator Casino. Regardless, you should always gamble with accuracy and stay within a predetermined limit.


? What’s the Best Way to Play Aviator?

The exact solution to this question does not exist, so everyone decides for himself or herself. We think that it is preferable to play on multipliers 1.2-1.5, as it results in lower but more believable profits in the Aviator game.


? How To Predict Aviator Results?

It is difficult to predict the results of the Aviator game, since such programs utilize random number generators or special algorithms. All this complicates the creation of a reliable prediction strategy.


Although it is impossible to be able to forecast the accurate results, it is still possible to have some strategies in mind when playing the game.


? What’s the Best Place to Gamble Aviator Slot?

It is up to any player to pick the Aviator game scheme and the online casino in which it is best for him to gamble. The most important is that the casino should be legitimate. You may select 1Win, Becric, Pin-up, 4rabet, 1Xbet or some other licensed online casino.